The Nines (2007)


Attempting to define myself as a human being is impossible. This is not to say that I do not know what kind of person I am, but merely that I lack the true difference in perspective required to see myself from any other perspective than my own. I can project what I believe other people see me as, but this point of view is still skewed as it is coming from me, not other people. To have a true definition of myself, do I even need the input of others? A lot of people would say no to this question. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you, that shouldn’t shape the person that you are. Those people would be partly right. Without others’ perspectives on myself, however, my very existence along with everyone else, would be thrown into doubt. Am I real without verification from other people who operate outside of the control of my own senses? On the other hand are other people, in fact, real or just projections of different facets of my own psyche? If the latter is the case then how can anyone be sure of their own reality, including interpretations gathered from physical senses, since all “facts” collected by the brain are possibly altered by our own warped persona? Did I just write this, or did you just project it?

– Wes Kelly (?)


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