Hello world.

I’ve been captivated by film since I was a child, raised on a steady diet ofGhostbustersStar WarsIndiana Jones, and Beetlejuice. My father has always been a film buff, and even though our tastes may differ now, there is no doubt that my love of cinema stems from this early exposure to great movies.

When I was younger my obsession revolved around horror and science fiction almost exclusively, and though these genres are still the ones that I’m the most heavily versed in (and how I love a good creature feature), I like to think my taste has become far more eclectic. There’s almost always something to enjoy in every genre, be it drama, westerns, action movies, even the occasional romantic comedy can bring something amazing to the table (Except for maybe talking animal movies. You know the ones.)

And while I can enjoy a good summer blockbuster like the next guy, what tends to draw my interest nowadays are what many would consider “weird” films. When people describe a movie as “strange” or “bizarre,” I usually want to see it. This invariably involves a lot of foreign film, films that have shocking or taboo content, and yes, films that are too weird for their own good on occasion. But the weird movies are the ones that always stick in my mind, because while Die Hard is an superb action movie and its countless imitators have met with varying success, they’ll never inspire the kind of wonder and perhaps shocked surprise that Shinya Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo the Iron Man or Jan Svankmajer’s Little Otik does simply because they’re just a completely different experience.

With that in mind, I’m probably going to try to hit upon some of the more unique films that I’ve seen (or have recently seen), though that doesn’t mean I’ll never try my hand at some mainstream gems. I’ll do my best not to bore you, and try and give you some cool trivia to go along with it, just in case you’ve seen the movie in question a hundred times over. Hopefully you’ll find something here that you dig, because in my opinion, there are few things quite as great as discovering those weird little movies that you might have missed.



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