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I have been a level 10 film nerd—or “buff” if you wish to be polite—for as long as I can remember. I blame this on my Mom for two distinct decisions that she would make in my formative years:

  1. Taping Big Trouble in Little China when we had HBO during one of their free weekends, thus making me a lifelong fan of John Carpenter and Kurt Russell, ridiculous special effects, and martial arts.
  2. Buying my sister and me our own personal copy of Ghostbusters, thus opening me up to the sardonic nature of Bill Murray, how to properly handle being turned into a demon dog if the situation were to ever arise, and finally, giving me the perspective on the acting style of Ernie Hudson, allowing me to properly digest his performance in Congo ten years later.

Flash forward to 2012: the best way to classify me and my love for film is to call me a cinephile. At one point in my life (college, like most others), I would have been a film snob; I had turned my back on films that I enjoyed for their pure visceral pleasures and favored more thoughtful films, those that you would find in art houses and come with subtitles. While I still love these films, I am now comfortable enough to say I love B movies and genre films just as much. I can just as easily watch Jack Hill’s Switchblade Sisters as I can Jean Renoir’s The River. And sometimes prefer it.

Then, back during the summer, Baron mentioned an idea for a music blog; this idea would soon turn into Music’s Okay (I Guess), and at the time, I thought, “Why not include film?” So roughly six months later, after much procrastination (something I excel at, sadly) here it is: Film’s Okay (I Guess).

The rules of the game:

  1. John and I will post about one movie a day. Length of the post doesn’t matter, it will be as long or short as we see fit at the time of writing.
  2. If available, the trailer will be posted along with the movie. If the trailer cannot be found, the poster of the film will accompany the post.
  3. Movie posts will not necessarily be about films we love or endorse. Any movie we have thoughts on, good or bad, are game.
  4. Second opinions from either of us could be posted, and, for that matter, the opinions of the good people at Music’s Okay (I Guess), if they should feel so inclined.

Later on, it is our hope to have some guest writers, if anyone else would like to get in on letting their opinions be heard, even if it is in some tiny, remote corner of the interwebs.

And with that, here we go.

David Edwards


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